Counter Invasive Rodents with Pest Management in 2020

It is always best practice at both residential and commercial properties that pest management is carried out at regular intervals. 

Rodents often enter properties via drains, however sometimes the access point is a lot easier to locate. Access around service pipes and even a broken air vent can allow rodents to enter a property. Once inside the cavity, rodents have plenty of opportunity to move around and potentially enter neighboring properties.

January has been a busy start to 2020 for Kwickill technicians. Our service technicians as always have been carrying out commercial pest control and management inspections for our service clients. 

Regular pest management inspections allow technicians to inspect monitoring points for evidence of activity, along with visual inspections around potential areas of entry.  Allowing quick identification is key to managing any pest infestation. 

Residential works have been requested by private home owners throughout the Greater Manchester area. Technicians have carried out pest control inspections within Rochdale, Oldham, Bury, Middleton, Heywood and surrounding boroughs to assist clients with quick and effective pest control.

Rat Box Pest Management
Our technicians are experts in Pest Management

The main aim for our technicians is to identify the species of rodent, locate and block entry points and to eradicate any remaining rodents. 

Kwickill offer a variety of pest control solutions to commercial and residential properties. If you are unsure if you require an inspection, our staff are happy to advice and if an inspection is required, our team would supply most services required.

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