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Rodent Management & Prevention 

Most of the UK’s residents will at some point discover an unwanted visitor within their home – we’re here for you if it happens to you.

British Pest Control Association registered technicians carry out full property inspections to assess the areas of activity.

Technicians provide rodent entry proofing where located. Products for the capture and control of rodents are used on the first inspection once species confirmed.

Follow up inspections are completed to assess the level of control provided and recommendations supplied to prevent further rodent activity.

Any carcasses are removed by technicians on inspections and wasted through safe waste scheme.

Inspection reports and COSHH information on any products are supplied to the client after each property inspection.

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Get ahead of Pest Issues

Prevention is paramount for all businesses; don’t run the risk of perst activity damaging your reputation to clients or the public.

Technical Inspections to determine active species
Prevention of entry supplied as possible
 Removal and collection of rodent carcasses
Follow-up inspections undertaken to ensure full eradication
Out of Hours works available


Spotting any type of rodent in your home can be distressing, especially those that are known to spread disease and cause damage to your property. Our technicians have years of experience dealing with all sorts of rodents and put your mind at rest by using our tried and tested treatments and offering expert advice.


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