Audited Pest Management

The Gold Standard of Pest Control

Many UK businesses require pest control and management services as a requirement of auditing standards such as BRC, SALSA and Red Tractor.

Kwickill supply integrated pest management servicing to suit each individual client and their requirements.

Pest Management Servicing allows technicians to view and inspect the site areas on an arranged schedule. Rodent and Insect stations are used by technicians to monitor for activity.

On each service inspection, our technicians would inspect for:

Internal and external rodent activity
Internal Crawling Insect Monitoring
Internal flying insect monitoring
Electronic Fly Units servicing
Annual Electronic Fly Unit Lamp Renewals

Pest management documents will be kept with the client at all times. Files will contain:

Inspection Reports
Individual Station Data
Plan of Monitoring Equipment
COSHH Documentation
Insurance Certifications
Staff Accreditations
Company Accreditations

A site inspection would be required to allow technicians to provide a proposal of works.

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