Bird Prevention

Professional Bird Exclusion

Many options are available for people who have a problem with birds visiting or roosting in premises. Netting, spikes, wire, trapping or culling treatments can be carried out to prevent pigeons infesting your premises.

Birds roosting can make a building look very unattractive and often buildings become covered in droppings and birds nesting. Pigeons are also known carriers of the disease and are frowned upon when roosting near or around food premises.

The best thing to do is act fast when pigeons begin to start roosting, preventing pigeons is the best way, nets and spikes can be discreetly placed on buildings to prevent birds from roosting in the first instance.

Once you have noted that their may be birds roosting, removal of nests and chicks is important before any work in carried out; Disinfecting the area is also necessary to clean all mess left by birds, before nets and spikes are applied.

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Preventing Bird Problems

Using Kwickill Pest Control will help to ensure that your business is safe, legal and compliant. Records of visits can be kept on site or sent to a head office along with the following information:

Culling Treatments

Keep the Birds away

To ensure your premises remain bird-free, we recommend that regular maintenance for nets, spikes and wire be carried out.

Kwickill offer this to ensure that any rips or breaks can be fixed, by carrying out inspections of all of your bird prevention solutions on a scheduled basis.

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