Kwickill technicians have experience working in all types of environments throughout Lancashire, Yorkshire and the North West of England, please click the headings below to find out more information.

  • Commercial Sector

    A good reputation is essential for every successful business, ensuring your premises are free of both rodent and insect infestations are the main goal of a Kwickill service.

    A small infestation can quickly become a major issue, however most infestations can be quickly resolved using the right control methods.

    Prevention is better than cure, Kwickill maintain your working environment, using the correct prevention measures in and around the premises can eliminate the chances of a surprise visit from an unwanted rodent, bird or insect.

    Most businesses now require a pest control management service, this service will include scheduled inspections of your premises, detailed reports after each inspection, the working knowledge of our technicians and 24 hour cover for clients.

    Each day Kwickill provide quality and professional servicing to businesses, should your business require an inspection or a proposal for pest management services, Kwickill has a package tailored to your requirements.

    Our technicians work in a variety of commercial working environment which include, sporting venues, food manufacturers, nursing and care homes, warehousing premises, bakeries, butches and many others.

    All work carried out by technicians is to BPCA standards and in line with current Health and Safety regulations.

  • Public Sector

    Public sector buildings such as; hospitals, clinics, schools, emergency service buildings, council premises and all other public sector premises require some from of inspection.

    Special arrangements are often needed when working in hospitals and schools due to the amount of public activity, low risk treatments are used or the treatment carried out at a later point and arrangements are made with the appropriate member of staff.

    Service maintenance agreements are also used for regular inspections of kitchens, canteens, and all other areas necessary.

    Technicians have a wealth of knowledge working within public sector promises; care is taken at all points so that site visits are convenient for the staff and members of the public.

    Records of visits can be kept on site or sent to a head office along with all inspection sheets, coshh data, health & safety data, rodenticide and insecticide data, technician and company accreditations.

  • Residential

    Most of the UK’s residents will at some point discover and unwanted visitor within their home. Whether that be hearing a scratching sound or finding an army of ants in your kitchen, Kwickill can provide a wide variety of services to eradicate and often prevent further infestations.

    Our technicians are all equipped with the knowledge, skills and equipment required to provide you with a professional and effective solution against your pest problem.

    Both male and female technicians are available for home visits should you have a preference, technicians are BPCA certificated and Police checked.

    Inspections can be arranged to suit your schedule, a report is completed recording all findings and equipment used during an inspection.

  • Bird Control

    Many options are available for people who have a problem with birds visiting or roosting in premises. Netting, spikes, wire, trapping or culling treatments can be carried out to prevent pigeons infesting your premises.

    Birds roosting can make a building look very unattractive and often buildings become covered in droppings and birds nesting. Pigeons are also known carriers of the disease and are frowned upon when roosting near or around food premises.

    The best thing to do is act fast when pigeons begin to start roosting, preventing pigeons is the best way, nets and spikes can be discreetly placed on buildings to prevent birds from roosting in the first instance.

    Once you have noted that their may be birds roosting, removal of nests and chicks is important before any work in carried out; Disinfecting the area is also necessary to clean all mess left by birds, before nets and spikes are applied.

    Maintenance for nets, spikes and wire can be carried out, Kwickill offer this to ensure that any rips or breaks can be fixed, by carrying out inspections of net etc on a scheduled basis.